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About Us

At HealthLedger, we serve people from their earliest years through their working lives and into retirement. What unites us is our mission to help people live healthier lives and make the health system work better for everyone.

These are extraordinary times in health care. The opportunities to help people live healthier have never been greater. Advanced data and technologies, breakthrough treatments and consumer choice are redefining what can be achieved.

We are working to create a system that is connected, aligned and more affordable for all involved. One that delivers high quality care, responsive to the needs of each person and the communities in which they live. We are also partnering with care providers, collaborating in new ways to improve patient care.

At HealthLedger, we are working to play our part in creating a more sustainable health care system: one that works better for everyone.


Are you looking for Healthcare, dignostic & fitness related solutions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Health Ledger, Sector 21, Nerul, Navi Mumbai - 400706

You can also contact us by phone 022-2087 4023; mobile-99879 11009 or email, or you can send us a message here: